The civil law is a collective term encompassing consumer rights law, business law, intellectual property law, Products liability law, Personal injury law, Medical Malpractice law etc. The civil law advocates specialize across various verticals of civil law like business and corporate law, tax law, family law, personal injury law etc.,. The civil suit attorneys provide legal consultancy and advice to their clients and represent them too in legal proceedings. The civil suit advocate can provide right legal advice to client in any civil law covering all non-criminal law. As lawsuit generally involves huge amount of money, winning or losing lawsuit can make significant change. The civil court advocate represents its clients in any lawsuit that is filed in civil court after detailed study and analysis. The civil advocates specialize in many laws that govern many provisions made for civil service matter
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civil suit Advocates at Chennai

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The Law Offices of Chennai Law associates is a legal firm providing legal representation, consulting, and negotiation services to individuals, corporations, businesses, startups, and investors. Civil advocates are experts in their field of Civil law. They have extensive knowledge about various aspects of civil law like Investment Securities, Civil Rights violation, Personal Injury, Whistleblower, Consumer Fraud, employment discrimination, Product Liability and more.

Legal Firm in Chennai who are Experts in Civil Law

As a Civil rights Advocate Chennai firm, the Law Offices of Kumar Associates has always been on forefront for the protection for Civil Rights of the citizens. Lion Saravanan Rajendran and Kumar can provide Civil rights advocates that can help their clients get justice in any Civil Rights Violation like false arrest, police misconduct, jail abuse, unlawful seizures and arrest, false imprisonment, other constitutional rights violations and many more.

Civil Suit Advocates at Chennai

The Law Offices of Chennai Law associates provide civil advocates to handle all civil lawsuits. They adopt a detailed, active, and focused approach while representing clients who are victims of fraud.
While representing the clients, the civil suit attorneys always will be dedicated in the work to get the proper justice or to get suitable compensation for the stolen money or misappropriated fund. The clients of the Law Offices of Chennai Law associates are kept well-informed about development of the case, the entire process of any civil lawsuit and the settlement or verdict. The civil law advocates of Chennai Law associates maintain high commitment for Client satisfaction and remain open for any type of query. Extensive and in-depth study of the clients case ensure that they get proper justice or compensation. The civil suit attorneys at Chennai Law associates make it a point to address any client doubts,  grievances and other queries immediately within 24 hours as  evry body know that time is precious. A right legal opinion or an advice at proper time is very important particularly when the clients have suffered from fraud, financial loss, accident, or in any other unknown trouble.

Reasonable fees and Fixed fees for Civil Advocates in Chennai

In Law Offices of Chennai Law associates, all of the clients of the are properly kept informed from initiating about settlement or verdict and through the complete course of progress regarding  the concerned cases. The Civil cases are taken on a fixed fee and contingency fee basis that amounts towards Civil Advocate Salary. The type and nature of the Civil case is taken into consideration and analyzed to decide this fee. 

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