The below given article is a mail conversation in KG Signature city, Adayalampattu regarding Car parking issues.
Dear Sir
It's temporary if at all @ E block. Where it's going to be permanent car & two wheeler parking for 1000+ car park for phase I & another 1000+ for bal 766 flats under construction.
Where are we getting permanent Car & Two wheeler parking ?
When ?
Who is responsible ?
How it's going to be planned?
If it's feasible, why they are not releasing Plan ?
On Mar 22, 2016 11:36 PM, "Naveen Prabhu" <> wrote:
Dear Sir,
It is more than a year since I shifted to my flat B-1103. After months of followup, my car parking slot (471) was marked. Even after that I did not get a relief. When I return back from office late in the night after a hectic day, I'd find my parking slot occupied by some other's car. I used to highlight within owners' communication channels and emphasized my frustration. 
But It dawned on me that it is not the owners who must be aware of my plight, it must be YOU (KG Builders). You are the one who is the underlying cause of the current pathetic situation. So, I decided to keep you updated on day to day basis. Expect a similar email with a photo, each day I am left to park on the passage way - just because some other car is parked in my slot.
Root Cause of the Car Parking Mess :
1. You did not plan for the car parkings upfront. You just cheated while selling and thought you can get away with it (I was told that you have applied for permit for a multi-level parking & once you get it, you will construct one & I'll get a covered parking) Even today you do not have a layout drawing with you covering all the 7 blocks - This is a standing proof for your utter lack of planning.
2. You sold car parkings left, right & centre (i,e. more than 1 slot to certain owners) without even realizing there is not that much open space.
3. You did not plan for Temporary parking (until Phase II is over) in time.
4. Even after planning to provide temporary parking by clearing the 'E block' land, you had taken almost two months but could not arrange.
5. Even after marking the slots that lie within Ph-I area (like mine), you could not guarantee that it is left free for the respective owner. This is because there were many owners who moved in without getting their parking slot earmarked (not even a temporary one).
6. You could not maintain a proper security system and you could not restrict vehicles without stickers from entering the campus. This again is a cause for #5
7. You did not provide sufficient visitors' car parking (i.e. As per govt. norms 10 % of total flats which should be at least 30 visitor parking for current occupancy). This is yet another reason for #5
8. You did not complete the project & hence did not handover to owners' association. Hence there is no one to enforce systems. 
If you have objections to any one of the above points, I'd be happy to hear from you the point that you think is the reason for the mess.
In the worst case, if you feel that there is no mess at all and I am just imagining things - please ask your CRM to go door to door and survey the satisfaction levels of your esteemed customers - regarding the car parking.
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