Warning from the Bar Council of India
*Warning from the Bar Council of India*

In his message  to all Bar Councils across the counters, the Chairman, BCI after giving guidelines to Bar Councils to take suitable measures to help lawyers in distress has issued this clear warning. 

*"Kindly note and convey to all, that in such times of crisis, if any lawyer is found to use filthy/abusive language on any social networking platform (like facebook, twitter, whatapp group, whatever it may be) against any State Bar Council or any Member because of inability of State Bar Council to provide financial assistance to him or others, such objectionable comments would be treated as misconduct and such persons would be properly dealt with.*

*Such comments/statements are made with ulterior political motives and mostly the defeated candidates or their supporters are doing such nasty things at the instance of such defeated candidates.*

*Some Advocates, who are planning to contest any election of Bar Associations or Bar Council are also purposely trying to do such mischief.*

*Some people, with vested interests are trying to malign the images of Bar Councils and weaken the Institution.  We won't allow such bad elements to succeed in their sinister goal.*

*An Advocate is supposed to know about the resources, duties and functions of Bar Councils under the Advocates Act, 1961. Therefore, use of unparliamentary words would be treated as gross misconduct. Such Persons may be debarred from contesting any election of Bar Associations or Bar Councils by Bar Council of India (if such matters come to the notice of Bar Council of India). Bar Councils are to take serious note of it. Ridiculing the Bar Councils and its members has become a fashion. It's nowadays a common phenomenon which has to be stopped at any cost. Many Advocates started posting messages with abusive language that Bar Council is insulting lawyers for giving a paltry sum of Rs.5,000/-.*

*Ideally the relief should go to those who are in extreme financial distress. There would be many.  However, with limited resources, Bar Councils can't provide relief to all.*

*Thanks and Regards,*
*Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India*
*All the Office Bearers and* 
*Members of the Bar Council of India*