The Actions taken by the concerned Tamil Nadu Police Department Higher Authorities and the Tamil Nadu Ministers on Shatankulam duo murders / killing by the Inspector And the Sub-Inspector  of Police is a Shameful one. (Because it is not according to the rules and regulations of the Law.)


# Instead of demanding to arrest the  concerned murderers immediately.
What a nonsense the traders/ business men and others are saying about the selling of goods to police Department Personels? 

# The one who is a normal human being. 
if he/ she Analysis about the murders of Shatankulam incidents and the situations that were there in the concerned places.
 It is very very clear that  the deaths of the father and son were because of the bleeding of the blood through both of their anus and other parts of the injured body only.
# That could cause Other eilments also.

# Their anus were stabbed by a rod / stick it might have penetrated deep into their bodies and damaged some internal organs/ parts of their bodies. 
That had caused the bleeding/ oozing of blood through their anus. And caused the deaths of both the innocent father and son.

What did Jayaraj's  wife and daughter and others say before the Media prove it.
As the sub- Jail is in Sathankulam why did the culprit taken Jayaraj and his son to Kovilpati. This also prove that the concern Inspector and the Sub- Inspector were purposely torturing and beating to kill them and taken with less than a halft of their lives alive to  the hospital and Kovilpati sub- Jail. 
The over bleeding of the blood through their anus and other body parts leads to the deaths of the father and the son.

# In this happening the concerned Higher Authorities did not take the Legal action that they should take till now. ( Not arrested and put into the Jail for the Crime they did).
# Why the concerned higher Officers of the Police Department took illegal action hiding the truth. Without taking lawful Actions.
# Are the culprits' influencial  selfish motived Relatives or Friends are there in the Police Department/ among TN Ministry / MLAs . Are they Compelling and forcing the top level police Authorities and Judiciary to hide the truth about the murders. And not to take legal action.

# It is a Shameful think on the part of concern Police department Authorities and the Government. 
# I think They are doing things as per the information given to them by that Criminal Police Personels. Without asking anyone who were the  witnesses of the happening.

# It seems that Torturing in a cruelest inhuman manner have been the nature of the two main culprits. 

Nowadays the victims and their friends are creating Facebook status about the culprits tortures to the victims. 
In one such incident one of the Victim had filed a complaint in the Tamil Nadu Human Rights Commission through his advocate. Then the culprit approached the Victim's advocate and Plead him to ask the Victim to withdraw the complaint. Then the advocate and his friends requested the Victim to withdraw the complaint after pleading a long time , the Victim accepted to withdraw the complaint given in the Tamil Nadu Human Rights Commission. 

# in another such torture the Victim had sent to his home after the torture. The victim had after one day after he went to his home. But because of the fearing on the culprit complaint was not given from the family.
One evidence for the duo killing to prove the truth.

The following Video was taken on the evening the  Murdered  father and son went to the Shathankulam  Police Station for enquiry with his Lawyer/ advocates.
When they enter the police station.
The lawyers and a few friends went with them were asked to go out of police station gate. Then the gate was locked inside by a police Personnel.

 Then the Police Inspector, sub- Inspector and a few police men had started beating and torturing the Father and the Son.

Because of the pain the father and son were crying and shouting.
Hearing the shouting and crying some more people were also came and standing in front of the police Station gate.

 After a long time torturing  the sun and the son the police SI and Inspector had come out side the gate in the night and asked the people standing and walking including the advocate to go to their home and come in the morning. But the advocate and the relatives requested the Inspector and the SI to allow them to go and see Jayaraj and his son . But without allowing them to go and see the father and the son.

But without allowing the Inspector by saying "they are not in danger they are very well. All of you go to your home and come in the morning" 
Then they sent all of the to home.

I kindly request the High Court Judges and advocates to take action against the concerned police Personnel who did not respect the Constitution and law of the country. And hide the truth and take illegal Actions as per their wish/ by the compulsions of  the influencial ruling party politicians of Tamil Nadu.

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