During May 2020 Lockown, I wasted my time in my Location nearby Chennai. That time, I received a call from the head of law. It is from one of the life insurance companies from India with questions. Can your law firm help me in completing 6000 disputes (basically the solution settlement claims) spread throughout the country? Basically, what he wants is not going to court and fighting litigation but resolving disputes outside the court with the prosecutor and paying anything that can be decided between the parties so that help companies and clients. I need time to return to him because logistics it is impossible to manage all disputes in all locations. We have several discussions here and there to destroy modalities to carry out the completion process. The biggest question that comes in front of us is the cost of making a completion process because PAN India must do. Because it is a locking period and almost everything has been online. so, we automatically agree that online mode holds meetings can be considered.

Civil Lawyers Online Dispute Resolution [ODR]
Practicing Civil Lawyer in Chennai

During my duty as a practicing Civil Lawyer in Chennai, for almost every case of my first approach to a case is to convince clients to find alternative ways to resolve legal conflicts without going to court. There are many examples where I have helped the parties to come to the table and negotiate the requirements and resolve disputes and thus impose honesty and negativity throughout us. Doing all this has time and re-proven that there is always hope and participation even in most aspects of negative life. Find the Best Advocates in Chennai High Court for Corporate, Civil Cases and Criminal Cases 24x7