Plea with the Central  Vista Project: The Supreme Court Requests Delhi High
The court to consider the request for the applicant for the initial hearing

The Supreme Court on Friday allowed the applicant to challenge
Central Vista project construction activities in the middle of Covid19
The second wave to make a request in front of the Delhi High Court for the beginning
List of these cases.

After making such a request, the High Court will consider prayer
For early hearing, the Supreme Court said.

Anya Anya Petitioner Malhotra and Sohail Hashmi have previously approached
Delhi High Court. However, the High Court has delayed this problem
Until May 17, without issuing notice.

Harmed by the delay in the High Court, the Applicant approached
Supreme Court.

Senior Advocate Siddharth Luthra, appears for the Petitioner, said
that complaint was related to the fact that the court was high
long delays given the crisis caused by covid19

Mr.Luthra pointed to the bench carried out by Delhi Disaster Management
Authority has allowed construction activities to continue, where
workers are on location, while imposing the lock on
National Capital Region. The authorities have released
Vista construction activities are saying that it is
Project is bound by a tight deadline on November 30, Luthra

After hearing Mr.Luthra and lawyer General India Tushar Mehta,
Division bench consisting of Judge Vineet Suggestions and Dinesh
Maheshwari passes the following order:

"... we think, because the problem is waiting before height
Courts, and Impuned commands are only a delay command, we
will not get into the benefits of this case. On the given
Circumstances, we asked Shri Lutrra to make rezee before
Cheif Justice of the High Court Delhi on Monday to take this problem
As early as possible, because, according to Luthra, the problem is
Extreme urgency.

The High Court will consider prayer for early hearing ".

Call it "unrelentic and reckless actions" from unity
The Central and Central Public Works Department, the request states that
Actions bring threats that cause threats to life
Delhi residents have "potential to become super spreaders and
In clear violations and violations of orders passed by Delhi
Disaster Management Authority. "

Project development cannot be equated with important
activity. There is no description of any development
Project and no reason why the same thing cannot be suspended at a
Time when Delhi faced an unprecedented health crisis. Nothing
rational basis for distinguishing between workers involved in
project construction and workers are involved in the other
Construction Work. Cannot be stated that construction work
being done as part of this project is more important than
Development of other public services ", the application declares further.

In terms of stopped work, the request to find directions to
ensure that all workers are paid for full wages, even so
suspension work, and to pay and release wage arrears to
Workers / laborers engaged in the construction center back Vista Vista

In January this year, the Supreme Court, with 2: 1 the majority, has been rejected
Challenges made for various permits given to Crore RS 20,000
Central Vista project, which involves the construction of a new parliament
build and change the administration of the National Capital Center

While Judge Am Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari allowed the project
To continue, justice Sanjiv Khann advancing by saying, inter-alia, public
Consultation is needed before completing the agreement