Arbitration is an alternative to traditional litigation that allows parties to resolve disputes outside of court. In arbitration, a neutral third party, known as an arbitrator, hears evidence and makes a decision, known as an arbitration award. While arbitration can be a quicker and less expensive way to resolve disputes than going to court, it is still important to have expert legal representation throughout the process. That's where comes in.

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Arbitration Awards

What is an arbitration award?

An arbitration award is a decision made by an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators in a dispute that has gone through the arbitration process. The award is usually final and binding, meaning that the parties involved must comply with the decision.

Can an arbitration award be challenged?

Yes, an arbitration award can be challenged, but only in limited circumstances. One common reason for challenging an arbitration award is if there is evidence of corruption, fraud, or bias on the part of the arbitrator. Other grounds for challenge may include a failure to follow proper procedures, exceeding the arbitrator's authority, or if the award violates public policy.

What is the process for challenging an arbitration award?

The process for challenging an arbitration award varies depending on the laws and rules of the jurisdiction in which the award was issued. Generally, the challenging party will need to file a motion or petition in court, setting out the grounds for the challenge and seeking to have the award vacated or modified.

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