The employer-employee relationship goes through distinct stages, each with its own set of legal guidelines. ChennaiLawyers.Org aims to empower both employers and employees with knowledge of these procedures, focusing on probation, confirmation, resignation, and termination of services.

Navigating the Stages of Employment: Probation, Confirmation, Resignation, and Termination

Chennai Employment Law: Probation, Confirmation, Termination


Probation Period

The probation period serves as an evaluation phase for both parties. Employers assess an employee's suitability for the role, while employees get a feel for the company culture and work demands.

  • Key Points:
    • Probation duration can be fixed or unspecified.
    • Employers can terminate without notice if performance is unsatisfactory.
    • Specific terms regarding notice period during probation should be outlined in the employment contract or company policy.


Successful completion of probation paves the way for confirmation, signifying the employee's permanent status within the organization.

  • Confirmation Process:
    • Usually occurs after a predetermined probation period.
    • No specific legal procedures are mandated, but confirmation letters are recommended.


Employees have the right to resign by submitting a written notice, adhering to the notice period mentioned in their contract or company policy.

  • Points to Consider:
    • Confirmed employees might have different notice period requirements compared to probationers.
    • Unpaid dues or company property must be settled before final exit.

Termination of Services

Termination refers to the employer ending the employment relationship. Here, legal considerations become crucial:

  • Termination During Probation:
    • Employers have greater leeway to terminate without a reason during probation.
  • Termination After Confirmation:
    • Valid reasons like misconduct, poor performance, or redundancy are necessary for termination.
    • Proper procedures, including issuing show-cause notices and conducting inquiries, must be followed.
    • Depending on the circumstances, notice period or compensation may be applicable.

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Seeking Legal Advice

ChennaiLawyers.Org recommends consulting a qualified legal professional if you have any concerns regarding probation, confirmation, resignation, or termination. An employment lawyer can guide you through your specific situation and ensure your rights are protected.