MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT FOREST AND CLIMATE CHANGE NOTIFICATION New  Delhi,  the  7th  January,  2016 G.S.R.  13(E).—In  exercise  of  the  powers  conferred  by  Section  22  of  the  Prevention  of Cruelty  to  Animals  Act,  1960  (59  of  1960),  and  in  supersession  of  the  notification  of  the  Government of  India  in  the  Ministry  of  Environment  and  Forest,  Government  of  India  number  G.S.R.  528(E), dated  the  11th    July,  2011,  except  as  respects  things  done  or  omitted  to  be  done  before  such supersession,  the  Central  Government,  hereby  specifies  that  the  following  animals  shall  not  be exhibited  or  trained  as  performing  animal,  with  effect  from  the  date  of    publication  of  this notification,  namely:— 1.  Bears 2.  Monkeys 3.  Tigers 4.  Panthers 5.  Lions 6.  Bulls Provided  that  bulls  may  be  continue  to  be  exhibited  or  trained  as  a  performing  animal,  at  events  such as  Jallikattu  in  Tamil  Nadu  and  bullock  cart  races  in  Maharashtra,  Karnataka,  Punjab,  Haryana,  Kerala  and Gujarat  in  the  manner  by  the  customs  of  any  community  or  practiced  traditionally  under  the  customs  or  as  a part  of  culture,  in  any  part  of  the  country  subject  to  the  following  conditions,  namely:— (i) (ii) such  event  shall  take  place  in  any  Districtwhere  it  is  being  traditionally  held  annually,  atsuch place  explicitly  permitted  by  the  District  Collector  or  the  District  Magistrate; bullock  cart  race  shall  be  organised  on  a  proper  track,  which  shall  not  exceed  two  kilometres. In  case  of  Jallikattu,the  moment  the  bull  leaves  the  enclosure,  it  shall  be  tamed  within  a  radial distance  of  15  metre. 

Bullock cart races - Jallikattu in Tamilnadu


In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 22 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (59 of 1960), and in supersession of the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India number G.S.R. 528(E), dated the 11th July 2011, except as respects things done or omitted to be done before such supersession, the Central Government, hereby specifies that the following animals shall not be exhibited or trained as performing animals, with effect from the date of publication of this notification, namely:

  1. Bears
  2. Monkeys
  3. Tigers
  4. Panthers
  5. Lions
  6. Bulls

Provided that bulls may continue to be exhibited or trained as a performing animal at events such as Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu and bullock cart races in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, and Gujarat in the manner by the customs of any community or practiced traditionally under the customs or as a part of culture, in any part of the country subject to the following conditions, namely:

  1. Such an event shall take place in any District where it is being traditionally held annually, at such place explicitly permitted by the District Collector or the District Magistrate.
  2. Bullock cart race shall be organized on a proper track, which shall not exceed two kilometers. In the case of Jallikattu, the moment the bull leaves the enclosure, it shall be tamed within a radial distance of 15 meters.

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